Third time’s a……charm?

24 May

Here we go again. Join me over at as I pick up the conversation for personal musings, rants, and photo-documentation of new life in (mostly) sunny Colorado!


MTB Evidence

10 Apr


Today I rode trails with a couple of dude friends of mine. This was the result. I posted the “evidence” on Facebook, to which my friend Megan questioned why such a photo would ever be posted while there are still novices running around (ahem, rolling around), trying to simply enjoy themselves without graphic reminders of possible injury. I responded with something like, how I AM a novice, which is why I’m the bloodiest/dirtiest. And that the trail is named the Back Yard Trails, (imagine the kind of play that takes place in a backyard filled with rowdy neighborhood kids, then amp it up to a power of ten, and throw in some rusted old cars, a snake, old drainage system, and fallen trees. And then build some sketch ramps all over the rusted and fallen bits). Which of course is to say BECAUSE IT’S FUN! And that there are definitely more places to ride that don’t risk tetanus or gouged knees.

Not Just A Free Bike

6 Apr

Today marks day two of voting for the Foundry Cycles Trades(wo)man contest. As of this moment, I have 141 142 votes! Thanks everyone! I’m still behind (wah wah), but voting is open until April 30th—this girl is not giving up!

In the questionnaire that was given to finalists, we were asked what winning would do for us, how it would affect our lives—other than “getting a free bike.” Yes, we all love getting free stuff, and a sweet, no frills-hardworking carbon cyclocross bike is certainly on the list of ‘stuff’ I’d happily claim. But winning this contest isn’t just winning a contest–it’s about becoming a spokesperson for something you believe in; for promoting a brand whose principles align with your own. I have yet to ride a Foundry bicycle, so I can’t say how great the ride is, or even what the ride is like. I can say that as a company, I’m compelled with the simplicity of their brand–let you speak for you, your riding speak for you—not the logos of the fancy gear you’ve purchased. I’ve met Jason Grantz. I’ve heard about his passion.

I want to win this contest, and yes, in doing so receive their cross bike (the Auger). But it’s more than that. I want to be another voice that shares the passion of Foundry Cycles.


5 Apr


Southeast Region, JESSICA MOORE

My application video:

20 Feb

“Perhaps acting in poor judgement can be forgiven.  Seldom exist those who never fail common sense.  Yet, when one is aware of one’s own poor judgement, perhaps the benevolent mercy of excuse is no longer appropriate…”

Thoughts to move forward with

6 Dec

The thought manifests as the word; the word manifests as the deed; the deed develops into habit; and the habit into character. So, watch the thought and its ways with care and let it spring from love born out of concern for all beings. As the shadow follows the body, as we think so we become.

–The Buddha, from the Dhammapada

30 Oct

Such a strange existence it is, to be constantly ripped open; broken wide so as to accept the world, to make room for all its offerings of love. Wildly, delightfully strange.